Friday, June 9, 2017

Fresh, Fun Ideas to Decorate Your Home - by Jemmas Gems on Etsy

Fresh, Fun Ideas to Decorate Your Home

I just posted this new picture of one of my Giclee Art Prints from my
I have oodles of ART Prints to choose from to brighten up your home, office
or work space!
This is a fun one of my Cow Girl "Pretty in Pastel" for the kitchen, I just popped
it in a 'ready made white frame' already matted in white too.  Easy-peasy!
A nice clean look for a pretty little spot in any nook!
Create a grouping, let your imagination go wild!
Have Fun! .....& Thanks for looking! ♥
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy New Year! Try 'New' DIY Art Project! @jemmasgems

Happy New Year Everyone!  Hoping you had a wonderful year and Christmas season!
Now for a new start and 'New' ideas for 2017.
For starters......Try this 'Fun DIY Art Project by Tanya..... (Tanya's Instagram)
She purchased 2 of my art prints in  My Etsy Shop 
And she created a wonderful project using MOD PODGE...putting them on canvas.
Follow Tanya's EASY steps:
- Purchase art print by Jemma Gems
- paper cutter
- stretched canvas to match size of your print
- burnt umber acrylic paint
- Mod Podge
- foam or bristle brush
Step 1: Trim your print so it's 1/8" smaller than the dimension of your canvas.
Step 2: Paint the edges of the canvas with burnt umber acrylic paint.
Step 3: Cover the surface of the canvas liberally with Mod Podge. Work quickly because it dries fast.

Step 4: Set print on top of the canvas and lightly rub with fingers to set it flat. Make sure all the edges are firmly glued down. Some glue might come out on the sides, but don't worry. It dries clear. Or you can wipe excess away with damp cloth or sponge. Let dry for 1 hour.

And Voila! You have 2 beautiful prints on canvas ready to hang! 
 Thank you Tanya for sharing your creative idea!
Please let me know if you try this...I would love to see your finished project!
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Saturday, February 13, 2016


I started painting FUN, WHIMSICAL Portraits of your BEST FRIEND!
I paint them in watercolor of your dog or cat or any pet......on cold press 140lb. watercolor
heavy weight paper, 5 1/2  x 7 1/12".
We love our pets so this is a wonderful way to capture their personality and spirit FORVER!
And Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy October Special- Buy One Get One Free! on Etsy by JemmasGems

"NEW" Rooster Print on Etsy!
Just posted one of my 'NEW' Giclee prints of my jaunty Rooster
'Cluck Kent'!
SPECIAL! for those that sign up on my email list for my Blog!
Purchase this Rooster on Etsy and get another print FREE!
(just email me with your 2nd choice- same size or smaller).
Happy October Special!
Thank you! 
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Saturday, September 5, 2015

# Labor Day Weekend - Fun Fall Give-Away - 2 NEW Prints for Jemma's Gems Etsy Shop

We'll where did the summer go?  It's back to school here in Southern Oregon after we celebrate this Labor Day weekend!
   I hope everyone had a wonderful sun-filled FUN! summer break.
To start off the Fall season I have 2 NEW Prints that I've just added to my Etsy Shop!
For my fun Fall Give-Away subscribe to my Blog,  ( on the upper right side bar ) and read below.
"Don't Mess With Mama"  Giclee Print 10 x 8
"Valentino" Giclee Print 10 x 8
The first person who buys either Print.....gets to choose a 2nd one FREE!
(Just purchase the one in my shop and email me with your choice  for your FREE one of the same size.)
Have a very Happy Labor Day!
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

2 'NEW' Art Prints by Jemmas Gems on Etsy!

Check out my 2 'NEW' additions in my Etsy Shop!
"What a Babe" 8 x 8 Giclee Print ©JemmaGems
And my handsome Rooster
"Macho Camacho" 10 x 8 Giclee Print ©JemmasGems
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Finds Curated by Purplepearl7 on Etsy - by Jemmas Gems

June Finds  Curated by Purplepearl7 on Etsy!
Check out this wonderful Treasury on Etsy by the Leader of our Etsy RabbitsTeam!
All wonderful items for sale on Etsy created by artisans by hand,
 or vintage finds.
Thank you for including my 'Cow girls' print Purplepearl7! ♥