Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#YELLOW HAPPY COLORS# My HAPPY COW in Etsy Treasury! Jemmas Gems

A Yummy 'Yellow Happy Colors' Etsy Treasury by Christiane from TALLHappyCOLORS
A really warm inviting collection to brighten up your day! Enjoy

Monday, November 17, 2014

'FREE' Print of your Choice 'HOLIDAY SPECIAL'....When you Buy any Two........ ALSO, Another 'NEW" PRINT!

Just want to get the word out---for my 'HOLIDAY SPECIAL' when you Buy any 2 Prints in my ETSY SHOP you get 1 FREE! (of equal value or less depending on the 2 you buy).

And I've got  another 'NEW' Print that I've just listed, hope you like
 "The Organic Girls"

I just love those stripes with my Bovine beauties!
Happy Monday! 
Email me if you have any questions!   Jemma ♥


Saturday, November 15, 2014

A 'NEW' Print "My Prized Milker" by JemmasGems on Etsy

I've just listed one of my "NEW" art prints in my Etsy Shop!
She's "My Prized Milker" from my original acrylic painting on canvas,
I love her shabby chic cottage stripes and I hope you do too!
Now Available in larger sizes - see Select a Size on the site!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wall Decor -Smart, Easy, Affordable by 'My Collectors' on Etsy

I love it when my 'Collectors' on Etsy send me their photos of how they
framed my Prints!   This is from B.J., a very clever and creative decorator and Blogger;
B.J.'s pics  and story show how she framed my 12 x 16"  'Cow Girl' print.
This is B.J.s finished framing project (above) - and it looks so lovely in her living room.  Read about her journey to find the right frame............
"The very first store I went in...
                                                 had the PERFECT ONE..
How much more perfect than white with
black "spots"..
ok, I know they aren't
COW SPOTS...but close...

The was $60...but I knew those frames would go on sale for half price the very next week...and I knew I could wait for that sale..
$30 sounded MUCH better. 
I put a black mat and that amazing frame around
this sassy, cute little girl cow and
fell totally in love forever......
I TOLD her I loved her....."
Thank you B.J. for sharing!!! B.J.'s Blog Click Here 

 It's a great idea to always check your local Art & Craft & Frame shops.   Many of them like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Aaron Brothers etc. have frames and mats pre-cut and
all ready to go and when you buy one you can often get the 2nd at a discounted price, sometimes for just 1penny!   Or wait for the great sales like B.J. did.   Enjoy!
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