Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wall Decor Ideas for your Home! Jemma's Collectors!

Here are some creative ideas for framing your Giclee prints!   These are photos from one of my collectors on Etsy.   It is so much fun to see how people frame and decorate with my art prints. 

These photos are courtesy of Barbara C. from MN.

I love to see how Barbara decorated with my 'Cow Girl' in her home, all warm & cozy,
and so bright and cheery!
This one is waiting to be framed.  I love the colorful quilt Barbara crocheted.  We'll wait and see how she finishes this 'Cow with Polka Dots'.   Wonderful photos Barbara! Thank you so much!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"COW APPRECIATION DAY"! July 15th 2014

What a great day to start up my blog....and update a little.   What day is it you might ask?
It's "COW APPRECIATION DAY".     And being that I love our bovine beauties and all that they do for us......I am very thankful for our 'cow girls', and all cows in general.

Here are 2 great Treasuries on show our appreciation for Cows! 
So go hug a cow, or at least pay your respects and give them a shout out! 
And think of them while eating your summer ice cream treat!  They give us so much, and they are so beautiful to behold!

      "Cow Appreciation Day" by Becca & Papa Bunny on Etsy:  Click Here to see their Shop:


                             "Fresh Milk" by Daveda on Etsy: Click Here to see her Shop:

              I hope you enjoy the day and to see more Cows.....Click Here to see My Shop:
                                              Have a MOOO-valous Day!   Jemma