Thursday, September 29, 2011


'Moo-Moo' Oil 5 x 7 (Original sold) by Jemma Merriweather Smith

I'm excited about my new-Moo girl.  Another giclee print that
I've added to my Etsy store.
She's been included in a great Etsy Treasury by Grainyman..
check it out here :Cow Treasury

Enjoy this video of our curious Corgi, and the curious Cow-girls!
Love to hear your comments....Hear the curious crow?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

International Rabbit Day - Weekend

Hare's Wishing you a Hoppy Wabbit Day!

"A Good Hare Day" Acrylic © Jemma Merriweather Smith

It's International Rabbits Day weekend, Sept. 24 -25th.
Check out my new print on Etsy of my newest Rabbit print.
click here : Jemmas-Gems
Please share your Rabbit stories!  Hoppy, hoppy Day!

Check out Rabbitude's Fun Treasury of  Bunny Hop
My Rabbit is hopping around in there.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Country Living -Inspires New Rooster Print

"Cock a Doodle Dandy"  Acrylic 8 x 6 ©Jemma Merriweather

Country living inspires my latest Etsy print, "Cock a Dooddle Dandy".
He's a real handsome catch, strutting around the barnyard showing off for all the girls.
You can see him in my Etsy store: Jemmas Gems

We don't raise chickens anymore but, buy our fresh eggs from our neighbor.
Check out the size of this had 2 yokes.  Beautiful!

Love to hear about your chickens!  Comments welcome!

All images Copyrighted 2011 by Jemma Merriweather Smith

Sunday, September 4, 2011

THE RED BARN-Newest Edition to my ETSY STORE

'The Red Barn' My Newest Etsy Print

Just wanted to share my newest giclee print ,'THE RED BARN' that is up in my
Esty store.  This is a classic barn.
As a kid I took refuge in our barn, played in the hay, swung from the rafters.
Even ran away at a very young age to our barn (in the backyard), with my little
hobo bundle on a stick filled with animal cookies and a root beer (run away essentials). :0)
Good memories....hope this art print creates some for you!
To view my Etsy Store click here : Jemma's Gems  Thank you!

(Let me know if you like this new Print!)

All Art work Copyrighted 2011 by Jemma Merriweather Smith