Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Love That Cow Print! Jemmas Gems Cow on Etsy!

My 'Cow' print was featured in an Etsy Treasury.
A really fun collection of all things inspired by our beautiful Holstein Cows.
Thank you Paula for such a fun collection! Check out her Etsy Shop Here
and then you can mosey over to my shop and check out my 'Cow' art!
Have a MOO-valous Day!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Blueberries - My Favorite! & a Purple Tongue!

We've been waiting all year for our 'FAVORITE' time of the year....
Blueberry season!   It started up right after the 4th of July here on the Southern Oregon Coast.
And we've been picking ever since.
Feast your eyes on these beauties!
And they are as BIG as grapes and oh so delicious!
We picked these at Valentine's Farm in Langlois, OR. ♥
Their season has finished already, so on to other Blueberry farms up and down the coast.
With the size of those Blueberries it was easy picking too!
Gotta fill that freezer up!
So when I'm not painting at my know where I am!
Enjoy your summer!