Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"COW APPRECIATION DAY"! July 15th 2014

What a great day to start up my blog....and update a little.   What day is it you might ask?
It's "COW APPRECIATION DAY".     And being that I love our bovine beauties and all that they do for us......I am very thankful for our 'cow girls', and all cows in general.

Here are 2 great Treasuries on Etsy......to show our appreciation for Cows! 
So go hug a cow, or at least pay your respects and give them a shout out! 
And think of them while eating your summer ice cream treat!  They give us so much, and they are so beautiful to behold!

      "Cow Appreciation Day" by Becca & Papa Bunny on Etsy:  Click Here to see their Shop:


                             "Fresh Milk" by Daveda on Etsy: Click Here to see her Shop:

              I hope you enjoy the day and to see more Cows.....Click Here to see My Shop:
                                              Have a MOOO-valous Day!   Jemma



  1. Lovely treasuries you are featured in, Jemma! Your cow print is my favorite =)

  2. Thank you Anita for your kind remarks! Hope your summer is going great!♥ J