Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wall Decor -Smart, Easy, Affordable by 'My Collectors' on Etsy

I love it when my 'Collectors' on Etsy send me their photos of how they
framed my Prints!   This is from B.J., a very clever and creative decorator and Blogger;
B.J.'s pics  and story show how she framed my 12 x 16"  'Cow Girl' print.
This is B.J.s finished framing project (above) - and it looks so lovely in her living room.  Read about her journey to find the right frame............
"The very first store I went in...
                                                 had the PERFECT ONE..
How much more perfect than white with
black "spots"..
ok, I know they aren't
COW SPOTS...but close...

The problem...it was $60...but I knew those frames would go on sale for half price the very next week...and I knew I could wait for that sale..
$30 sounded MUCH better. 
I put a black mat and that amazing frame around
this sassy, cute little girl cow and
fell totally in love forever......
I TOLD her I loved her....."
Thank you B.J. for sharing!!! B.J.'s Blog Click Here 

 It's a great idea to always check your local Art & Craft & Frame shops.   Many of them like Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Aaron Brothers etc. have frames and mats pre-cut and
all ready to go and when you buy one you can often get the 2nd at a discounted price, sometimes for just 1penny!   Or wait for the great sales like B.J. did.   Enjoy!
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