Thursday, July 14, 2011


The French National Holiday! July 14th
Bastille Day!

Today commemorates the storming of the Bastille in Paris which happened on July 14th in 1789.
It was the start of the French Revolution, the overthrow of the monarchy and the beginning of a new French Republic.

It is the French Independence day celebration and they do it up big...just like our 4th of July.
It is a public holiday in France with military and civilian parades, spectacular fireworks, music,
dances, lots of french food & wine, the whole works.
So, this calls for a French -themed day, go out and party in the bleu, blanc & rouge, (our nations colors too).

Enjoy a french pastry, share a meal with a friend (we are going to a Bastille party tonight to celebrate),
make friends with the Gargoyles in your life, french kiss your honey, french kiss a Gargoyle....

Whatever you do it's a good day to be alive and celebrate along, Vive la France!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Patriotic 'Butterfly in Blue on Red' - Print 8 x 8

Welcome! to the ribbon cutting of my new Etsy Store. I've just officially opened shop and want to share my creations with you!  
 I'm very excited as this has been in the works for months now and it's finally here.
Below are some of the images that I've made into beautiful Giclee Prints, for children & adults.
To see them all Click on my ETSY STORE LINK on my sidebar or below!
You can also email me with any questions:
THANK YOU! for stopping by.

Cow Jumped Over the Moon - Print 8 x 10

If Pigs Could Fly - Print 8 x 10

Magical Bubbles & White Rabbit - Print 8 x 10

Guardian Angels - Print 8 x 8

Rose Tea Cup - Print 8 x 8

Pink Tea Pot - Print 8 x 8

Dairy Cow & Cotton Candy Stripes - Print 10 x 8

Summer Fun -' Butterfly on Blue' - Print 8 x 8

Jemmas Gems - Etsy Store

Monday, July 4, 2011


July 4, 2011
Lily Bell Celebrates July 4th

Today we celebrate freedom and independence. I have been told that it was 235 years ago, in 1776, that a brave group of our ancestors declared independence from the Queen and her dogs, creating the country we enjoy today (even with all of it's faults).

And what a perfect time for us to all declare our own personal freedom. I declare 
unending treats for everyone, starting with me!
Long live the USA...and I wish for you Health, Wealth and the most excellent pursuit of Happiness!
Let Freedom ring!    I bark to that!   
Yours truly...Lily Bell

P.S. click on the video below to see me in all my patriotic glory!