Tuesday, April 3, 2012

*New* Original Paintings on Etsy - by Jemmas Gems

Check out my * NEW * Original paintings on Etsy.....I had so much fun painting them on cotton Fabric that I permanently attached to masonite hard-board.  The Quilting fabrics are so much fun to work with.....and they are ready to hang!

"Bunny Bun-Bun" Oil 8 x 6 © Jemma Merriweather Smith
This Rabbit has real attitude!

"Lulu's Holiday" Oil 8 x 6 ©Jemma Merriweather Smith

"Cock a-Doodle Dude"  Acrylic 8 x 6 ©Jemma Merriweather Smith

To see these in my Etsy Store: Click Here:

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